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Synonyms of Life


Hope, Motivating, Victory, Winning, Defeat, Learning, Eyes, Captivating, Heart, Endearing, Sadness, Depressing, Happiness, Elating, Voice, Soothing, Relationships, Bonding, Poetry, Expressing Dreams, Achieving, Money, Surviving Debts, Draining Challenges, Adapting Loneliness, Isolating Companionship, Associating, Love, Enthralling, Life, Worth Living -SAH

Self Worth


You are the unread notification on people’s phone, The unanswered call that was conveniently missed, Once your phone was cramped with calls and messages, Now it lies there at 100% battery life, A force of habit makes you check your …



Your soul is pure, your soul is bright, A soul that can endure, a soul made from light, Our souls are same, our souls are fine, Mine is yours and your’s is mine, I know everything about you but still …

Together Forever


Together Forever   It’s hard for me to describe you in a simple way, Thinking and talking about you can spend the day, There is always happiness when I’m with you, A joy of everlasting feelings so true, Whenever, I …



Thinking   Thinking and thinking makes me wonder, Am I the one who is wrong or not, My actions seem to be a big blunder, These situations affect my thoughts, Trying to find the right answers for them, Hoping one …

Tender Emotion


Tender Emotion   The cold breeze brushes through your hair, Your eyes are closed to feel the happiness, Opening your eyes to the scenic view of the sunset, That sparkle in your eyes describe your happiness, As the sun sets …

Sense of Happiness


Sense of Happiness   Entering the vastness of the sea, I feel the water touch me and give me a sense of relaxation, I move my attention from all my worries and problems, And feel the sea talk to me …



Remember   Remember me always where ever you may be, Even if you are near or across any sea, Embrace my feelings and love with all your heart, Making my love fill your life with happiness and a perfect start



Relation   The time I spent with you was the best, Each day being close to you was better than the rest, You brought an unusual sense of happiness and smile to my face, You made me forget myself with …



Realisation   You know that I really loved you, Anything you said I would do, Yet you never accepted me in any way, Just used my heart & emotions for your play, My true feelings by you were teased, My …