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Under the burden of my decisions I grasp for air, Lines are blurred between wrong and fair, Compression of heart, suppression of mind, I have lost myself completely and am hard to find, In this darkness I seek help from …


A brand new day, a brand new fight, Overcoming obstacles with all my might,   Success and finish line are nowhere in sight,   Praying to god to hear my plight,   The day ends and enters the night,   …

Synonyms of Life


Hope, Motivating, Victory, Winning, Defeat, Learning, Eyes, Captivating, Heart, Endearing, Sadness, Depressing, Happiness, Elating, Voice, Soothing, Relationships, Bonding, Poetry, Expressing Dreams, Achieving, Money, Surviving Debts, Draining Challenges, Adapting Loneliness, Isolating Companionship, Associating, Love, Enthralling, Life, Worth Living -SAH

Life with Covid

We ended 2019 with a hope of a better new year, But our dreams, hope and aspirations were shattered and replaced with fear, We used to freely socialise with families and friends at different venues and social gatherings, But now …

Existence and Resistance

I try to protect and preserve every ounce of my dignity, Yet every time life snatches it away from me aggressively, I never did ask for this situation nor do I cherish its existence, A struggle to survive, an undying …



You are at the bottom of the pit, Scavenging and scraping the leftovers thrown by people from above, As their judgemental eyes look down upon you, You contemplate and wish to be engulfed within the darkness of the pit, A …

Facts of Life


Words – Instrumental Actions – Detrimental, World – Material, Relationships – Collateral, Religion – Political, National – International, Promises – Betrayal, Pollution – Environmental, Profits – Optimal, Lust – Immoral, Love – Judgemental, Children – Lovable, God – Merciful, Paradise …

Self Worth


You are the unread notification on people’s phone, The unanswered call that was conveniently missed, Once your phone was cramped with calls and messages, Now it lies there at 100% battery life, A force of habit makes you check your …

Waves of Life


Lying on the beach, Basking the sunshine, Hearing the sweet symphony of the waves breaking at the shore, Staring into the vast sight of the ocean, Wondering how insignificant our problems are compared to the majestic beauty of nature, Our …



The sky covered with the luminescent light of the moon, Appearing in its full state like a pearl in the sky, So far from earth yet very close to the heart, A beautiful ode and symbol of love, Even eclipsed …